Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who works at TF International Securities is well known for predicting what Apple is up to. This time Kuo has released a report which has leaked information about the new 31.6” mini-LED display that Apple is working on.

The report tells us that Apple may be working on an external stand-alone display that could go with new Mac Pro coming this year. The display will be 31.6” with 6K resolution. According to the report, Apple may release the display in Q2/Q3 this year. This means the date could be June 2019 (WWDC).

Ming-Chi Kuo doesn’t claim any technical specs yet but he is sure that Apple will be using mini-LED technology that will improve the color gamut, high contrast ratios, high dynamic range, localized dimming, etc. mini-LED is also believed to result in thinner panels that are more power efficient which is always beneficial to Apple’s portable products. In fact, Kuo believes that Apple will prefer mini-LED over OLED because the former does not suffer from burn-in. This new technology will also increase battery performance compared to traditional LED displays. Saying this we can also read from the report that Apple is also planning the same displays for the new iPad and the MacBook Pros. But that would be in late 2020 or early 2021.

Apple used to sell the external display until 2016. The Apple Thunderbolt Display was a 27” LED-Backlit LCD display with an aluminium case. It had four times fewer pixels than the current 5K iMac. It never made the switch to Thunderbolt 3 technology.

Mind that mini-LED is not the same thing as micro-LED. micro-LED is a similar screen technology that Apple is actively researching, but is not expected to be ready for mass production until 2023 at the earliest. Apple is apparently interested in making a future Apple Watch with a micro-LED screen.

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