The world’s first trillion dollar company and one of the expensive brand in the market APPLE launch the brand new “Apple card”. The announcement is done by Apple in the Apple keynote event on 25 March 2019.

After this, some people who don’t follow the apple events are really getting worried and tense because of thinking such things that apple wants more money from us through this card??

Don’t worry folks. We are here to tell you everything means everything about this Apple credit card. So, stay tuned, have some patience and read this beautiful article about the this card.

Starting from the first question in your mind,

What Is The Apple Card? Is This Is The New Credit Card In Our Pocket?

The answer is Yes and No also. Because You are right that, it is the new credit launched by Apple. And No is because of the functionality and working of the Apple card that is completely different than other credit cards.

So, Apple credit Card is crafted in titanium coming with more different and unique features than our normal bank credit cards. This is the new kind of credit card created by Apple, not a bank.

How You Can Apply For The Apple Card?

The first most important thing is that you should have an iPhone to apply for this Credit Card. To apply for the Apple Credit Card you don’t need to go any store because its more simple than you think about it.

You can sign up from your iPhone and get approval in minutes and you are free to use it. Right now, Apple don’t speak on exact credit score you will need to apply for an Apple Card. But from site information, we can definitely says that there will be different interest on different credit score.

How Much Interest Rates Will The Apple Charge To Us?

As I mentioned above there will be different interest rates for the different credit score. Apple is charging interest rates from 13.24 percent to 24.24 percent. The one more important thing is that there is no penalty rates for the Apple card.

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